Eric is a multidiciplinary, bilingual product manager, digital marketer, and translator, living in Tokyo.

Product Manager

/ プロダクトマネージャー

I do whatever it takes to bring a new product to market. I analyze, I sell, I market, I plan, I design, and I roadmap

Adgorithmics, Inc. /


Adgorithmics is an AI-powered social media advertising platform that allows brands to optimize campaigns for the entire customer journey.

My Responsibilities

  • Product roadmapping
  • Product sales
  • Product marketing
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Cost assessment
  • Customer onboarding
  • その他

Digital Marketer

/ デジタルマーケター

I help develop digital marketing strategies for in-house marketing teams and agencies. I focus primarily on in-feed advertising, landing page optimization, and content marketing. From branding to direct response, I deliver full customer-journey advertising schemes and manage the workflow from concept to execution.

Notable brands I have serviced (both at Adgorithmics, Inc. and individually)

  • Coca Cola Japan
  • Suntory
  • Air New Zealand
  • Bridgestone
  • Lexus
  • Molson Coors, Japan
  • Spartan Race
  • UCC
  • Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue
  • KEEN

Adgorithmics, Inc.


As part of Adgorithmics, Inc's managed service devision, I work closely with both partner agencies and advertisers to help develop digital marketing strategies for a wide range of brands.

My Responsibilities

  • Advertising scheme development
  • Media planning
  • KPI simulation
  • Landing page optimization consultation
  • Algorithm planning
  • Campaign execution
  • Advanced campaign optimization
  • Analysis and reporting

Cooori Japan, Inc.


As Cooori Japan, Inc.'s Digital Marketing Manager, I was in charge of driving B2C customer growth. This involved managing the following:

  • SEM and SEO strategies
  • Content strategy (blog and social media)
  • Product marketing and boosting customer LTV
  • Competitor research


/ 翻訳者・通訳者

I am a freelance Japanese←→English translator and intepreter. I specialize in "harder to translate" content such as interviews, copywriting, artistic pieces, song lyrics, and various literary works.

The North Face (Goldwin, Inc.)


I translate seasonal lookbooks and catalogs for The North Face Japan. Translations include item and category descriptions, athlete interviews, person of interest stories, and fictional text.



I do freelance translation and interpretation for various brands, agencies, and organizations. My translation work is utlized on more artistic based work where nuance, vernacular, and tone-of-speech are crucial for producing quality and accurate work.



Translation Work

I translated marketing content, sales content, lookbook content, in-store content, and published books.

  • The Denim Phrase Book

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